Westwood Center Project as of 1996

Loop 1604 @ Culebra Road, San Antonio, Texas

December 1996

The Stonebridge development would have the most significant impact on Culebra Road (FM 471). The maximum full development of the Stonebridge area would increase the anticipated traffic on Culebra Road between FM 1604 and Steubing Road by nearly 25,000 vehicles per day. The ultimate improvements of Culebra Road to a six lane divided roadway would increase the capacity of the roadway to as much as 60,000 vehicles per day (assuming a 50/50 split in signal green time with the 1604 interchange). The present roadway can accommodate up to 20,000 vehicles per day, assuming a 50/50 split in the green time of the at-grade traffic signal at FM 1604.

The ultimate development of the Stonebridge area would necessitate improvements to Culebra Road. The proposed improvements of FM 1604 could increase the service capacity of Culebra Road by a factor of two, by providing two approach lanes to the interchange. The increased capacity could accommodate the effects of the Stonebridge development. Additional developments along Culebra Road, west of Steubing Road, would accelerate the need to improve Culebra Road west of FM 1604.

W.F. Castella & Associates, Inc.
December 1996

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