Harwell Holding Co., LTD. & Affiliates have been Texas Corporation since 1974, and we have served as managers of several regionally syndicated real estate joint ventures. Developments managed, coordinated, and sold by the company include land for the sale of single family homes, sites for apartments, and retail. We have also acquired and managed industrial real estate with property tax abatements at several levels of government, as well as a foreign trade zone.

Wayne Harwell, the Manager of the General Partner of Harwell Holding Co., LTD, Inc. has extensive experience in real estate markets in Central Texas, with special emphasis on properties requiring approvals and entitlements. The Greater San Antonio Builders Association inducted Wayne Harwell as the 1995 & 2001 Builder of the Year in San Antonio.

The company has a special expertise in locating sites for projected land uses. If the project has limited time, requiring fast approval and construction, we can locate a site which best fits a specific time constraint, gain the approvals, and manage the construction to its completion.

Prior Years Business Ventures

  • Acquisition of investment properties through investor equity capital involving approximately 1,000 acres located in seven basic areas of the San Antonio metro area.
  • Director of Construction to over 300 single family homes through various joint ventures and corporations.
  • Owned and operated 482 multifamily units.
  • Development of single family home subdivision of over 100 large rural lots.
  • Management of the investment real estate holdings of a mid-sized real estate company, encompassing over 700 acres in San Antonio as well as 75 acres in Houston, Texas. Among those properties managed were: an industrial subdivision with Foreign Trade Zone capability; multi-family sites; single family properties; and retail locations
  • Partner in a joint venture associated with the purchase of approximately 455 acres. This project incorporates the purchase of 1,000 lots, streets and water courses from over 323 individuals located in 20 states and several foreign countries. This acreage was developed back into raw land and subsequently sold to a residential developer for a modern single family development.
  • Supervision of the construction projects using the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), General Services Administration (GSA) and the Housing Authority's projects in Del Rio and San Antonio, Texas.
  • Purchased and developed 417 acres located at Culebra Road and FM 1604 in San Antonio, Texas. This property is being developed as a successful mixed-use project. More than 160 acres is being used for retail and multi-family. Site referenced in Current Projects Portfolio.
  • Purchased and developed entitlements to several tracks in Northeast Austin, Texas near Dell An Samsung Facillties.