Westwood Center Project as of 1998

Loop 1604 @ Culebra Road, San Antonio, Texas

Located near FM 1604 at Culebra Road, the project originally comprised 417 acres on the northwest side of San Antonio, near Sea World of Texas. The area along this outer loop around San Antonio took over three years to gain the necessary approvals for the sewer and water services to accommodate the development of both single family homes and retail for the intersection that has evolved.

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Currently, all of the residential property has been sold or contracted for the location of nearly 500 homes. Construction of the first street in the residential area is undergoing the city approval process and construction started in December 1998. The city has approved the preliminary development plan for the overall project. The sewer contract for the property has final approval and the lift station serving the property is operating. The project has had detailed review for a master drainage plan for the overall property. All flood permits have been issued. Additionally, all preparatory zoning has been performed and approved by the City of San Antonio. Retail zoning, B-3, has been acquired for the FM 1604 frontage and multi-family zoning, R-4, has been approved for most of the Culebra Road frontage.

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Wayne Harwell Properties, Inc. has also made a deal with the city for part of the property to be used as a park. Details to be posted soon.

December 15, 1998


The study area for the traffic impact analysis would be generally limited to the area along Leslie Road, from Culebra Road to the north end of the Stonebridge development. Culebra Creek provides a major barrier between the development of the 70.2 acres north of the creek and the remainder of the Stonebridge development. North of the property are existing rural homes, a small office development, an Alamo Concrete Products mixing plant, and a new sewage treatment plant. These developments access onto Leslie Road and also have access directly onto Loop 1604 via existing connections between Leslie Road and the main lanes of Loop 1604 near the developments.


The roadways that would be directly affected by the proposed development are Leslie Road, Loop 1604, and Culebra Road. Leslie Road presently is a two-lane rural type roadway serving as a detached collector street to Loop 1604. As Loop 1604 is improved to a full freeway, Leslie Road will serve as a frontage road to the freeway, from the north end of the Stonebridge development to Culebra Road. That portion of Leslie Road would be designated for one-way southbound traffic movements.

Loop 1604 is presently being improved to a full freeway north of Culebra Road. Some of the existing connections between Leslie Road and the main lanes will be maintained. However, near Culebra Road, access to and from the main lanes would be limited to designated entrance and exit ramps. The southmost proposed public street to serve the 70.1 acres of the Stonebridge development north of Culebra Creek could be accessed by traffic using the exit ramp to Culebra Road. The other street and drives onto Leslie Road would be limited to right turn movements.

Culebra Road (F.M. 471) is a designated primary arterial street and is controlled by the Texas Department of Transportation. The roadway west of Loop 1604 presently consists of three through lanes (two westbound and one eastbound) with a center left turn lane and an eastbound right turn lane. The Loop 1604 improvements are to include a grade-separated interchange between Loop 1604 and Culebra Road. Culebra Road would be improved to a minimum of four through lanes with a center left turn lane. As the area west of Loop 1604 is more fully developed, Culebra Road would be improved to an urban cross-section of six through lanes with a center left turn lane or a raised median with specified left turn storage areas.


The resulting trip distribution of the entire 70.1 acres of development would be collected and dispersed onto Leslie Road, via right turn movements. The heaviest movement would be expected to be trips entering the property via the southbound exit ramp of Loop 1604. The minimal amount of traffic on Leslie Road, north of the exit ramp, would facilitate the movement, although the exit ramp traffic would have the legal right-of-way over the frontage road traffic. As the area north of the Stonebridge area is developed and the frontage road is expanded north, more traffic would be expected to utilize the frontage road access over the exit ramp access.

The most significant impact of the development of the 70.1 acres would be the resulting load on the intersection of Leslie Road (as a frontage road) and Culebra Road. A turnaround facility under the Culebra Road/Loop 1604 interchange would allow the northbound traffic from the 70.1 acres to maneuver through the interchanges without having to enter the intersection.